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What is Metabolic Chaos™?


Play the video below to hear how Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, answers this important question!

So what is Metabolic Chaos™?

  1.  Metabolic Chaos™ exists because of hidden complexities in a person’s metabolism and unappreciated influences from their environment.
  2.  A clue to Metabolic Chaos™ is when there is only marginal therapeutic response to interventions based  on traditionally reliable constellations of symptoms, or even to abnormalities in objectively measured parameters.
  3.  Metabolic Chaos™ is responsible for the symptoms that would otherwise be ascribed to other causes, but remain in spite of appropriate attention to traditional health principles and therapeutics.
  4.  Contributors to Metabolic Chaos™ are both inborn and acquired from HIDDEN stressors in the world today
  5.  Metabolic Chaos™ is most apparent when it results in the signs and symptoms that one sees or feel, but Metabolic Chaos™ can also exist as subclinical (no symptoms) imbalances
  6.  Metabolic Chaos™ is very likely a factor in most persistent health challenges – the ones that you or your clients hold as their greatest concerns.

What can you do about Metabolic Chaos™?

Late in the last century Reed Davis became the Health Director and Case Manager in a wellness clinic in Southern California. Faced with the challenge of “getting people better when nothing else had worked for them”, Reed ran thousands of functional labs on thousands of dysfunctional people, provided drug-free, all natural protocol recommendations – and made his own observations about who got better and who didn’t.

After many years and thousands of cases, Reed recognized several useful patterns and began to have more successes than failures.  It should be no surprise to you that “those who addressed the deepest underlying cause or condition instead of chasing symptoms” were the people who actually improved their health and often permanently eliminated their main complaints. The FDN Certification Course, which Reed has been teaching since 2008, is his way of sharing all the observations and discoveries he made while practicing in a clinical setting. The FDN Course is the only place you can learn these observations and teachings as well as his most recent research and discoveries.

How and Why FDN Works

The body functions in a phenomenal orchestration of metabolic processes involving cells, tissues, organs, systems, fluids, gases, chemistry and energy – including interactions with other people and a variety of other organisms.

This impressively complex metabolic orchestration is the result of a detailed set of instructions or innate intelligence at work on every particle of every cell. Our innate intelligence is analogous to the operating system of a computer. An operating system is designed to accomplish or manage a specific set of purposes. Our potential to survive and thrive is largely determined by how well matched our operating systems are to the complex metabolic challenges we face in our world.

Innate intelligence has long been revered in the healing arts, but often its limits have been mistaken or overlooked.  One prevalent but mistaken idea is that of vitalism or the thought that the operating system is perfectly purposed and fully capable of adapting to all that modern life could throw at it. It shouldn’t take long in considering either natural poisons or deadly man-made chemicals to realize that such a position is quite naïve. Likewise, there are such a variety of “inborn errors” affecting individual metabolisms that the adage/observation that “one man’s food is another man’s poison” takes on great clinical significance.

We can imagine the day will come when it is possible to fully map out an individual’s operating system, along with the knowledge of the optimal operating environment as well as specific obstacles that might most critically impair an individual’s well-being. For now however, those boundaries are still largely hidden from view.

Our innate intelligence can be a two-edged sword – it is ultimately what we must rely on for treatment success even as we investigate ways that it may have become or have been made unreliable. It is a sound principle to seek the “underlying cause” of an individual’s lack of well-being, but that is still more of an ongoing process between discovery and intervention than it is the sum of a group of objective measures.

Metabolic pathways are intermingled in complex ways and the origin of an individual’s symptomatic signal from a disruption of homeostasis can sometimes only be hinted at by an indirect measurement. We truly participate in the art of healing by applying time honored principles (such as embodied by D.R.E.S.S. for Health) while taking advantage of every available insight that can be gleaned through carefully considered testing. In some cases, only a great intuitive leap (or an almost exhaustive set of tests) would give a direct measurement of the cause.

Healing opportunities are identified through taking careful histories and correlating them with the results from well-chosen labs. This approach has proven to be very beneficial, even though it is always proven by hindsight, since it relies on non-specific findings to fashion a very individualized solution. This process of applying wellness principles and exploring individual limitations leads us on a journey of ever deepening insights about individual obstacles to health and opportunities for overcoming those obstacles. The honest pursuit of these healing opportunities and creatively working towards their resolution is the basis upon which FDN works.

Yours in health,

Reed Davis, Founder FDN Certification Course
Dr. Wm. Bailey, D.O., Medical Director

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